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Sometimes I miss my Sister. She wasn’t all that bad. Sure…she was a bed hog…and she wasn’t very nice to me, but I liked her. Mommy said she had to go away so she could be with a family that didn’t have any other doggies.

This is my favorite story about her as told by my Mommy…

Thursday Night

11:45ish pm – I let the dogs out.
11:47ish pm – I use the restroom.
11:50ish pm – I go back to fishing for the rat in the Underbelly.
12:30ish am – I realize I forgot to let the dogs in.

So, yes…my bad.  Not a big deal though because sometimes they spend hours in the big fenced in yard, lazily sunning themselves and chasing lizards.

Not this evening.

So, I realize what I’ve done and I race for the backdoor only to find Dozer standing at the glass door FREAKING OUT.

I open the door and he proceeds to run to the side fence. He’s frantically running along the fence line whimpering. I walk over there.

There is it….a big gaping hole under the fence.

There’s Dozer…staring in the hole…staring at me…staring in the hole…staring at me with a look on his face that says… “OMG MOM!!! WHERE’D SHE GO!!! SHE WENT IN THE HOLE!!! NOW SHE’S GONE!!! OMG THE HOLE ATE MY SISTER!!!! OMG MOM!!! WHERE’D SHE GO!!!!

Grace dug a hole under the fence and escaped.
Dozer, did not.
Dozer just freaked out because his sister got eaten by the hole monster and needed me to fix the situation.


So I grab teh maglite and go Grace hunting.

She comes bolting around the side of the neighbors house…sees me…stops dead.

Looks at the hole.

Looks at me.

Bolts for the hole.

Gets stuck.

So there Grace…half in…half out.  Wiggling frantically trying to escape the wrath of angry, tired, barefoot mom with the big scary flashlight.

Didn’t work….she couldn’t make it and had to back out.

Of course…she knows she’s in great trouble, so she can’t just go in the house. She has to roll over in the grass and give puppy dog eyes.

I get her in the house.

I have to patch the hole before the morning because I know damned well I’m not filling the hole in before work.

So, out I go…well after Midnight…maglite and shovel in hand.

I love my dogs.  At least I know Dozer won’t leave the yard. He’s afraid of magical sister-eating holes.

Dozer & Grace


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Today is my Dad’s 245th Birfdae!!

I made him a caek!

Dad's Birfdae Caek!

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Reason #564

Why You Shouldn’t Let

A Pit Bull Sleep In Your Bed.


Consider donating BLANKETS to your local dog rescue

or Villalobos Pit Bull Rescue Center


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My Sweet Kitty.

Most people have this misconception that Pit Bulls are raised to be vicious, dangerous, guard dogs.

Not in our home.

Kitty is the great defender of our home.

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You can’t tell for sure if it is the guts of Mr. Elly or Mr. Elly, Jr.

Most likely, both.

There they both lie…lifeless….flat.


…and once again, Dozer is overcome by boredom.

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