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Second Chances

Excerpt from an LA Times article :

*A White House statement Tuesday cast Obama’s comments as consistent with the president’s view that “individuals who have paid for their crimes should have an opportunity to contribute to society again.”*


I agree.


Unless they are MONSTERS.  Yes…that’s right….this article is about the one and only Michael Vick.


Read the whole article here:



I don’t care if he can throw a football, he is a waste of air and needs to be bodyslammed, electrocuted, drowned and all around tortured to death.


I’ve remained relatively silent on this case from the get go because I cherish my normal blood pressure. I just can’t take it anymore! First Vick saying he should be able to have a dog again and then getting presidential redemption? It makes me sick. What that monster did is unforgivable and our president should be ASHAMED to be in his corner.


I still cannot look at pictures of those dogs without getting emotional…even now…pictures of them happy and moving on it life are even worse because you know what they had to endure and live through.  It makes me so angry because those dogs are so full of love and forgiveness and someone could do that to them.


I was never a big fan of Obama … and now … he is dead to me. I cannot wait for a new president…ANYONE would be better than this asshole. This was the last straw.




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It’s cold out in sunny South Florida!

I got up this morning and my mommy let me out and I ran in super quick!

Then she couldn’t find me!!! Ha! I’m smart! I got back under the blankets!

This is how she found me!

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Dirty Little Bandits

Dozer hopes you all made out like dirty little bandits yesterday!

He sure did! He got his wolfy!

Dozer's Christmas Wolfy


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Merry Christmas to all!

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Santa and his reindogs are coming!

Don’t forget to put out cookies tonight!

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Villalobos Rescue Center

Dozer and I watch Pit Bulls & Parolees every week! If you haven’t watched the show,  you can catch it every Saturday night on Animal Planet at 10pm est.


Villalobos is the largest Pit Bull rescue in the world. They care for over 150 Pit Bulls on any given day and it costs them about $18,000 a month to operate.


Villalobos posted a great video this week  that I would like to share with you.



You can find Villalobos on the web at http://www.vrcpitbull.com/

Or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/VillalobosRescueCenter

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The B Word

I know, I know…I’m just so terrible for teasing him!

I promise it was only for your entertainment!


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